Project Description

Due to COVID-19, this program is now delivered online. There will be 5 online sessions and the content is as below.

An Overview of the Yusra Training “Inspired Excellence” Programme

Part 1 Taking in information effectively

  • Understanding your brain
  • How to use deep relaxation to attain optimum performance
  • Feeding information into your brain appropriately
  • How to gain information from text, sketches and drawings

Part 2 How to store that information effectively

  • How to draw word pictures (aka mind-maps) from text using key words
  • How to use brainstorming and patterning to prepare revision notes
  • Fun, easy and helpful brain-training exercises

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Part 3 How to process that information

  • Setting up ‘Integrative’ revision
  • How to use key words to set up memory triggers in all topics
  • How to build an armoury of memory techniques

Part 4 How to apply all the steps above for results

  • Effective examination techniques
  • Nutrition and learning
  • Essential tools

Due to COVID-19, the programme is delivered over 5 sessions, all online in a ‘classroom’ type environment. Each session is of approximately 1 hour 45 mins duration.  The sessions are delivered as per the schedule below.  There are also 2 short parent sessions, again as per the schedule below so that you are aware of what your child is learning and so that you can help them further at home. This training is for children of all abilities / standards – we do not teach subjects, but we teach how to learn anything using the whole brain.

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 This programme is suitable for children in the age range 12-16.  

Testimonials (These are as received.)

  • i did betta than my expected grades actually thankfully with ure help i was predicted all c’s but i gt 5b’s 4c’s (Student)
  • i got 2 B’s 7 C’s and 3 D’s. Which is much higher grades that i was meant to be getting. i took on alot of your tips and i think they really helped. So thankyou very much i am gratefull for all your help (Student)

  • thank you for all your help seemed to have worked for me i got 1 B, 5 Cs, and 3 Ds and i were predicted mostly Cs Ds and Es, thanks (Student)
  • I got all of my predicted grades, and on most subjects higher than I had anticipated, thank you. you helped me a massive amount (Student)
  • i got 3 B’s, 5 C’s and 1 D :/ Least it was only one D, and not 5! (Student)
  • I was given two A’s, B, three C’s and three D’s. Much better than expected thanks to you for having faith in me (Student)
  • It was the most useful course in the world (Student)

  • I found it amazing and really helpful…and sad that this is the end (of the course) (Student)
  • It motivated me to be productive and revise effectively. I learned skills that I will use in life… (Student)
  • Results were excellent – my 28 achieved 92% 5 A- C with some individuals doing particularly well 12 GCSEs A-C. Our mutual friend – the one with the swagger – the one you kept behind to chat with, achieved 9 A-Cs! (From School Co-Ordinator)

  • …using methods taught in this course. He is more motivated and confident in himself (Parent)
  • Really good, structured and clear. A fundamental new way of learning (Parent)
  • This is a must for children and adults (Parent)
  • This is a life changing course for your child… (Parent)

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Your investment includes:

  • 5 online sessions
  • 2 twenty-minute parent sessions
  • All (softcopy) workbooks and material

This amazing course, inclusive of all the above, is now only £250 (early bird offer of only £225 expires 12 February 2022). Groups are deliberately kept small to ensure quality interaction. In order to book, please reserve your seat here. Places will go fast – so please act now!  The programme schedule is:

Session 1 – Mon 14 Feb, 8:30am – 10:30am

Session 2 – Tue 15 Feb, 8:30am – 10:00am + parent session 10am – 10:20am

Session 3 – Weds 16 Feb, 8:30am – 10:30am

Session 4 – Thurs 17 Feb, 8:30am – 10:00am + parent session 10am – 10:20am

Session 5 – Fri 18 Feb, 8:30am – 10:30am

 Please ensure you have read and understood our terms and conditions. Your agreement to these will be assumed if you proceed to book. Book here.