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An uplifting training designed to bring out the best in you…

Every once in a while, an opportunity comes along that is irresistible.  

It’s life-changing potential is so great that it makes sense to grasp it both physically and mentally.

What would you do if you could spend a short amount of time on yourself – a matter of days – to create complete and total buzz in your life?

​The kind of buzz that goes on…and on, not just while you’re on a wave of emotion following a seminar perhaps, or a motivational talk.

Learning NLP can do exactly that for you.  It allows you to be in charge of your mind, body and life and shows you how you can achieve anything you want.

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Why You Should Start on This Path

Andrew Carnegie, who was one of the most successful men in the world and the mentor to Napoleon Hill, knew three things about all successful people:

  • Successful people make lots of decisions. Because it is in our moments of decision that we transform our destiny.
  • Successful people make decisions quickly. Too many average people spend all their time taking aim and never getting around to “pulling the trigger.” Highly successful people, on the other hand, take this approach to life: “Ready! Fire! Aim!”
  • Once they start on a path, successful people never give up until they’ve reached their destination. They always complete the entire journey, no matter what the obstacles.

When you look at the most successful people, you will see they have all three of these traits, while people who have yet to create success will be lacking one or more… maybe even all of them.

And, no – it’s not that they were “born with it.” This attitude of success is one you can adopt right now, simply by making the decision to be successful and following these three simple rules.

Because when a rare opportunity like this presents itself to a success minded individual, they take action first, and then adjust for the results and reap the rewards.

And now that you’re aware of this, opportunity is knocking on your door, desperately hoping that you’ll pay attention.

And our NLP trainings are the perfect avenue to foster the attitude, gain the tools and create that success.

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Using these tools, you can:

  • Be in charge of your own state so you’re never again an emotional slave to anyone else, or to “which side of the bed you got out of in the morning.”
  • Take control of your unconscious patterns to eliminate bad habits and install alternative, better behaviours.
  • Change the way you feel about things using your mind so you can eliminate limiting beliefs, motivate yourself to do something you don’t want to but must, or dislike tempting foods — all instantly.
  • Become more influential and persuasive by using the conversational hypnotic language skills modelled from the famous Hypnotherapist Dr Milton H. Erickson who could hypnotise people just by telling them stories.
  • Improve your quality of life by removing inner conflict and incongruence.
  • Eliminate bad feelings from the past like anger, sadness, fear, hurt, guilt and more — even if you don’t remember the source. It’s like wiping the slate clean for the first time since you were born.
  • Learn to discover people’s body language, thought patterns and personality traits, so that in a matter of minutes, you could tell them more than they know about themselves, motivate them and predict their choices and behavior with eerie accuracy.
  • Learn to change people’s minds conversationally using techniques such as reframing, Quantum Linguistics, Decision Destroyer, Sleight of Mouth Patterns, and more.
  • And so much more… This is just the tip of the iceberg!

These are the same exact tools that motivational speakers like Richard Bandler, Tony Robbins, and Paul McKenna have been using for years to help millions of people — and become multi-millionaires while doing it! And you can learn them, too!

Once you’ve taken these trainings, you’ll know how to do all this for yourself, and for others, both casually and professionally.

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What is NLP?

NLP is the study of excellence, and how to reproduce it in yourself and others.

NLP comes in four levels, and the two starting levels are:

  • Practitioner, where you learn to work with yourself and others to eliminate the obstacles in life and create happiness, success and prosperity using powerful techniques to change emotions, beliefs, habits and behaviours. Most people who graduate at this level charge £45/hr – £100/hr to work with others professionally.
  • Master Practitioner, where you master all the skills of NLP for working with yourself and others on the deepest issues affecting the core of your being, like your beliefs, values and identity. Most people who graduate to this level charge £150/hr – £300/hr to work with others professionally.

 Even if you never plan to work with others, NLP will give you the life skills you need to achieve nearly anything imaginable in your own life.

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Why You Should Start on This Path

Each level is more transformational than the previous, and at each level of achievement, you’ll evolve into a more complete, more satisfied, more “in control” person.

Even if you have no intention of ever working with or training others, when you enrol in these up-coming trainings you will transform your life and take you beyond the next level of joy, love, achievement and success.

 Why you should stop everything you’re doing and do whatever it takes to begin this journey right now

These trainings change lives. While NLP has always been taught as a tool to help others, using all of these principles in your own life will create the prosperity, health and love that you’ve always wanted.

I know this for a fact, because it did for me, and has for many people I’ve taught over the last few years.

If you know you want more out of life, you must take action and do this now. Who knows where you’ll be next year if you don’t invest in yourself today?

We can work with you on a payment plan that you can afford, no matter what your budget. Call me today, and I know I can help you overcome any obstacles that seem to be in your way, whatever they are.

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I can use my skills to focus you on the result and help you overcome any obstacle, be it money, time, or those who unintentionally hold you back, like your family or your boss. I will help you come up with a solution, because sharing this with you is my passion.

Our trainings are the most affordable NLP trainings out there. But that’s not even the reason you’ll want to sign up right now. Once you see these prices, I’m sure you’ll agree that these trainings are completely irresistible.

Event timings:

8 days – 10am to 6pm.

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This is what some of our past candidates had to say about this course…

The process has been liberating

This is what some of our past candidates had to say about this course…

Great training, powerful stuff

This is what some of our past candidates had to say about this course…

A lifetime of skills in a week’s worth of courses

This is what some of our past candidates had to say about this course…

Would recommend everyone to do this training to get the best out of yourself, your family and become a more rounded individual

Course Testimonials

“Quality of delivery is fantastic…the ability to answer questions very clearly was important to me because of my logical and scientific style of learning.”
“…it was amazing to see the shifts so clearly.”
“Wow! It’s been a real eye opener for me. What can I say? It’s helped me to understand not only myself, but also the environment around me, the people around me and how they’re communicating with me. I would thoroughly recommend the course to anyone out there who wants to have a better understanding of themselves and also the people around them.”

“Very good delivery of training; kept the attention of the group and made the sessions fun and interactive.”

“I found the whole course useful, interesting and eye-opening. Strongly recommend it to others.”
“I found this to be one of the most useful and educational courses I’ve ever been on.”