Overcome Stress


With the world in the hold of the Covd-19 pandemic, further exacerbated by lockdowns and social distancing, stress is at an all time high. In this 1 hour webinar, NLP Trainer and Master Therapist Abu Yusra will show you: * exactly what stress is * how you can overcome it * how to develop a resilient mindset * why Emotional Intelligence is the key to dealing with stress * simple tips and techniques to effective stress management. Join us on this 'LIVE' webinar and emerge a refreshed, calmer and mentally stronger you! Complete the form below to [...]

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Maths Hacks – Watch the Replay


Wow! Amazing! Wish I knew this when I was at school! These were just some of the comments following the 'Fun Maths Hacks' webinar on Wednesday, 17th June 2020. We shared some amazing maths tips, techniques and tricks that left the attendees astounded and wanting more!  Complete the form below to access the webinar replay and see for yourself... After you've viewed it, I just know that you'll want to join the Inspired Excellence program. If you look on the Events Page on the website, it is available for £175. All you need to do right now is pay a [...]

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Volunteers Engagement & Training – 30 Nov 2019


Volunteers Engagement and Training - Saturday, 30 November 2019 Following on from the successful session we delivered on Monday, 25 November, this was another opportunity for the volunteers of the Hayes Muslim Centre to attend this 'Developing a Positive Mindset' training. Our Lead Trainer Abu Yusra had the pleasure of addressing the keen audience comprised of Trustees, long standing volunteers, youth (some as young as 6!) and the ladies. Abu Yusra spoke about the power of the brain and how that could be harnessed to drive people toward their goals.  He spoke [...]

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Communication Skills course


On Thursday, 14th November, Yusra Training delivered a course on "Communication Skills for Community Leaders" in Leyton, East London. A number of community leaders from around the UK, including Edinburgh, Blackburn and London were in attendance. In this seminar, we looked at some of the secrets of the art of communication. We learned: different communication styles and discovered the delegates' own styles how to deliver a speech / khutbah that is effective and meaningful to all your audience how to develop rapport with an individual, a group of people or even a large audience about non-verbal communication [...]

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Want to lose weight


  Want to lose weight? Then don’t! Instead, Gain Health... ...and enjoy life! By Abu Yusra NLP Trainer and Hypnotherapist  © Abu Yusra All rights reserved. Contents What will this e-book do for you? 4 It’s all about the weight, isn’t it? 5 So, what’s the solution? 6 PRECISE™ Goals 6 P State Precisely and Positively what you want 6 R Is it Realistic? 6 E Is it Exact and Ecological? 6 C Is it as if it is Current? 7 I Is it for you? (I want this.) 7 S What’s the Small but Significant first Step? 7 E [...]

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Mind and Body workout in Ramadan Pt 2


The full mind and body workout – courtesy of Ramadan! (Part 2) Bismillah, was-salaatu was-salaamu ‘ala Muhummed (saw). When you think about Ramadan and how it changes you in just one month, isn’t it amazing?   Over the course of the year, between one Ramadan and the next, we slowly lose the focus that was sharpened by this most holy of months.  We begin to fall back into bad habits; we start missing our salaah; we abandon the Holy Qur’aan; we most definitely abandon the Masjid; we are less careful with our language and sometimes less worried by our behaviour. [...]

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Mind and Body workout in Ramadan – Part 1


The full mind and body workout – courtesy of Ramadan! (Part 1) Bismillah, was-salaatu was-salaamu ‘ala Muhummed (saw). The blessed month is (nearly) here. Preparations are underway in most households to welcome this blessed, annual guest.  Some prepare mentally, some prepare spiritually, some prepare by stocking up on food – dare I say it, exotic food and drink – yet almost no-one prepares physically! There are many blessed Shuyookh out there, may Allah (swt) preserve them, who have, and will continue to help us, me included, to grow spiritually. My article is about attaining and maintaining physical and mental health [...]

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Introduction to NLP


  Introduction to NLP (Neuro-Linguistic Programming) can be life changing and offers a set of skills that transforms all area of someone life. The  pillars of NLP is a good place to start.  NLP is an outcome discipline and is about: flexibility of behaviour sensory acuity – how you observe others language – how you use and receive it taking action. Having clear goals (outcomes) in life makes a real difference. Goals give us direction and energy which can bring purpose to life. Once we know where we are going, flexibility to make changes is need based on feedback (Sensory acuity). [...]

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Exam Stress Busters


Exam Stress Busters It is no secret that exams always arrive with a companion: stress.  Expectations, whether personal, parental or teacher / tutor, and the realisation – in most cases – that time could have been spent better all add to the pressure felt by students as exam day looms ever closer. If you feel no stress, then that isn’t a good sign at all because it means that doing well in your exams isn’t important to you.  So, after spending the past 10+ years in education, it is reasonable to assume that you do want to do well in [...]

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Emotionally Intelligent Parenting


Emotionally Intelligent Parenting(A talk by Abu Yusra of Yusra Training and Therapy at The Living Islam Camp, 30 July 2011)Bismillah, wal-hamdu lillah, was-salaamu ‘ala rasoolillah.Dear Friends, I am pleased to be here to address you on this most important subject.  I am not here to teach you how to ‘parent’.  I am here to share some ideas that I have found to work well in my regular work with children and more importantly, as a parent myself. I would like us to discuss and discover, through reflection, how we can be better parents and have a better relationship with our children, or children [...]

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