Inspired By You, Driven By Excellence


Inspired Excellence

In just 5 short and amazing sessions, we will train your children to develop the mind of a focussed learner and arm them with skills and techniques to achieve beyond their expectations in their studies. These skills are transferable and they will continue to use them in college, university and even the workplace. The sessions will cover: + Taking in information effectively + Storing information so you can recall it with ease + Processing that information in a relevant and efficient manner + Putting it all together to achieve amazing results


NLP Discovery Day

Find out how NLP can help you with: · Communication skills · Corporate transformation · Accelerated learning · Personal development · Teaching and Education · Relationships · Mastering your thinking and emotions


Brain Friendly Revision Techniques

This training course is great for parents so that you can help your children achieve their best. I teach you some simple techniques that include help with all elements of revision. It is also recommended for high school (GCSE equivalent), college and university students. Whether this is your first year, or your last, you will learn tools and techniques that will help you throughout your academic career. Of course, it is very useful for professionals taking professional qualifications.


Emotionally Intelligent Parenting

Children are amazing! They have unique talents and abilities and are bursting with confidence. Until...we, the adults, get to them. "Stop what you're doing!" "Are you stupid?!" "Come on, that's so simple, why can't you do it?!" And we absolutely their confidence in our attempts at being 'smart' parents. So, how do you instil confidence in your children? Well, this is a course you should enrol on to find out more...


NLP Practitioner

Every once in a while, an opportunity comes along that is irresistible.   It's life-changing potential is so great that it makes sense to grasp it both physically and mentally. What would you do if you could spend a short amount of time on yourself - a matter of days - to create complete and total buzz in your life? The kind of buzz that goes on...and on, not just while you're on a wave of emotion following a seminar perhaps, or a motivational talk.